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Good security practice involves regular testing of your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and exploitable weaknesses.

In partnership with CyberCrowd we’d like to offer you a free non-invasive assessment.

What is a vulnerability assessment?

A vulnerably assessment is an automated procedure using a range of scanners and tools to identify vulnerabilities across a system. This type of scan aims to identify as many different vulnerabilities as possible and is often run more frequently than a penetration test. By assessing if an IT System is susceptible to a cyber attack you will be able to plan, repair and strengthen your organisation’s infrastructure defences against such attack.

Identify Risk and Vulnerabilities


Build Stronger Defences and Avoid Exploitation


Protect Your Company, Users and Customers


A Proactive Approach to Security and Compliance

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About NetUtils

We are a leading UK specialist integrator of network, security and data solutions for enterprise, telco, MSPs and ISPs. With more than 27-years history and over 400 enterprise and service provider clients including many listed within the FTSE 100, NetUtils brings its customers the depth and breadth of people, technologies and services to improve business performance in this ever-changing digital world.

About CyberCrowd

CyberCrowd are a market leader in the digital security realm. We help organisations to understand their current security posture and embark on a security transformation journey. Pen Testing services, CISOaaS, Certification Readiness, DPO and SOC/ SIEM services are all part of our portfolio. Working with large enterprises, down to smaller boutique firms, CyberCrowd offer security services specifically designed to suit every level of organisation and sector.