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NaaS eGuide

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) eGuide

Get ready for a better network, providing flexibility, scalability and cost savings.

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The early adoption of NaaS was initially embraced by the larger enterprise, but in recent years it has become popular with smaller organisations, especially considering the pandemic where reliable and secure network connectivity was an absolute priority.

NaaS is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It is suitable for a wider range of organisations and can be delivered based on your needs and — most importantly — your budget.  Download this eGuide to discover:

  • The world of hybrid working and the network
  • What is NaaS?
  • How does it work?

A rapidly growing business

A mid-sized PR and marketing agency has rapidly grown over the last decade, opening a second office in the North of England.

NaaS not only connects its two main sites but also supports key home-based workers and provides dedicated access to several hosted applications.

The benefits of its switch to NaaS included more consistent and better performing network connectivity and the ability to grow as needed within a predicable cost model.

A highly distributed organisation

A large logistics firm with over 50 depots across the UK found that it’s aging in-house network started to struggle with the growing volume of digital data.

A NaaS solution showed it would allow it to forgo the significant CAPEX investment and move to a more preferable OPEX model.

When combined with less internal IT staffing costs, the move to NaaS will deliver a ROI of roughly 18 months.

A business without IT / network manager

This small estate agent never needed a full time IT person. Instead, it relied on a member of the lettings team who used his good understating of technology to support its 12 staff.

Following a technical issue, NaaS was decided upon as a better option to give the estate agent ‘peace of mind’ along with a more robust network service.

The result is a more reliable network access, and the small firm has never needed to recruit a full time IT person.

Discover the key fundamentals related to AI adoption

There are multiple ways Juniper Networks and Mist AI can bring real, measurable benefit to your business. Mist AI delivers AI driven automation and insight across wireless access, wired access and SD-WAN domains, providing a ready-to-use AI model and data set that translates into real cost savings.

Learn about the key fundamentals related to AI adoption and get your questions answered.

Featured speakers

  • Malcolm Orekoya, Chief Technology Officer, NetUtils
  • Simon Round, Regional Sales Manager, Mist, Juniper Networks
  • Will Garside, Journalist & ICT Commentator

Talk to a NaaS specialist today

NetUtils has been a pioneer in the delivery of advanced networking services for nearly three decades and is also a Select PSS level partner with Juniper Networks, the market leader in NaaS technology.

It does not matter if your organisation has 10 or 5000 staff across a single site or tens of sites; NetUtils can design a NaaS offering that is ready to meet your individual needs.  We can work with your existing IT support company to deliver an integrated solution through your current trusted partner. So, take the first step to finding out if NaaS offers a benefit for your organisation. Fill in our “NaaS discovery questionnaire” and our team will advise you on how NaaS can help your organisation ensure that network connectivity is always on, always secure and always supported!

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