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What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions enable digital transformation for organisations by leveraging corporate Wide-Area Networks (WAN) to a deliver better application experience, reduce costs, and simplify operations at the WAN edge.

SD-WAN enables deep application identification, including encrypted traffic and dynamic multi-path steering across hybrid connectivity options—MPLS, LTE 4G/5G, or broadband—ensuring organisations can quickly and easily access business-critical applications.

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN powered by Security-Driven Networking and purpose-built processors enables infrastructure and networking teams to deliver improved user experience, instant ROI, and simplified operations.

Self-healing WAN capabilities, advanced routing, a natively integrated next-generation firewall, and centralised orchestration accelerate digital transformation at scale.

Cloud services are accessed faster, and costs are reduced by replacing MPLS lines with broadband. Further, zero-touch provisioning shortens deployment time.

The solution enables future-proofing by consolidating LAN and WAN operations for SDBranch, and is an ideal fit with emerging cloud-delivered SASE solutions.

Business Outcomes

Organisations in both public and private sectors are embracing SD-WAN solutions for a number of key benefits, including the following.

Better Application Experience

SD-WAN allows remote sites to connect more easily to networks and/or multiple-clouds with lower latency, better performance, and more reliable connectivity. When users demand more of their applications and infrastructure at unprecedented speed and scale, an appealing user experience can be make-or-break.

Efficient Operations

As network infrastructures have evolved, the sprawl of point products used for networking and security increases complexity. SD-WAN uses automation to make connectivity a simpler process across mixed environments, including on-premises, hybrid, and cloud. SD-WAN enables centralised orchestration, zero-touch provisioning, and analytics along with deep integrations of cloud on-ramps to accelerate cloud connectivity.

Instant ROI Benefits

MPLS and other connectivity technologies aren’t just outdated; they’re also more expensive when the total cost of ownership (TCO) is considered. SD-WAN not only significantly reduces bandwidth costs but can also help reduce capital costs by allowing consolidation of different point networking and security products at the edge while delivering better control and performance.

Enhanced Security Posture

An SD-WAN solution needs to have integrated security. Otherwise, it’s just another connectivity option that unfortunately becomes an attack vector. When properly implemented, secure SD-WAN enables secure direct internet access. It’s critical that an SD-WAN solution can ensure consistent security at all edges, from flexible WAN edges to the cloud edge.

Considering An SD-WAN Implementation?


The 5 Keys to Self-Healing, Secure SD-WAN

Solution Brief

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Transforms WAN Operations

White Paper

Understanding the Obstacles to WAN Transformation

Demystify Your WAN Edge with a Free Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report

Get visibility into your application usage, security posture, and bandwidth utilisation. Obtaining a Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report will help you find answers to these questions.


Do you have visibility and control over applications running at your WAN Edge?


Are you running into challenges with your legacy WAN architecture due to digital innovation initiatives at branch offices?


Is your security posture strong enough at branch locations as you increase cloud connectivity?


Are ever-increasing bandwidth requirements increasing MPLS operational costs?

Validate the application performance, cloud connectivity optimisation, security posture, and operational costs of your WAN Edge by enlisting expert guidance. An expert will use a FortiGate Secure SD-WAN solution to monitor key indicators within your network.

After several days of gathering information, you will receive a Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report which is divided into three primary sections:

  1. Application Visibility and Experience
  2. Security and Threat Prevention
  3. Bandwidth Utilisation and Performance

View a sample SD-WAN Assessment Report here >

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